Hi and welcome to our web site! We're so glad you've stopped by to have a look today! Our passion is to see people fulfil their potential in life and to live life to the full! We believe part of our calling as Lead Pastors is to "equip and refresh the greater church for the purposes of God to reach this generation!"


With that in mind we seek to be an inspiration, to influence and to impact people across the world through travelling and media. We hope that this website and the resources we have made available to you will be a benefit and a blessing!


We'd love to hear from you if any of what we share has been of particular help to you or if it's been significant in anyway. Email us: admin@destinyuk.com


We believe and pray God's best for you!


With over 26 years in leadership and ministry, Mike and Lois not only pastor this dynamic and lively church but also travel at home and abroad sharing their relevant life-application teaching and leading worship.


Mike's down-to-earth, direct and humourous style challenges and motivates people to fulfil their potential in life. His passion is to see people living life to the full and he loves to see this encouraged in all areas of church life especially through speaking to leadership and teams.


Lois's passion for worship enables her to lead the Creative Ministries team as lead singer/Worship Leader at Destiny as well as impact and train other worship teams. Her desire is to encourage and lead people to "touch heaven and change earth" through worship as well as concentrating on motivating women to be all that they have been created to be. She is fun-loving and beautiful, loves the colour pink and can't own enough hangbags and shoes! She loves sushi and owns a pink set of golf clubs which she is proud to take on the golf course!


As well as being a Lead Pastor, Mike is also an author, musician and motivational speaker. In his role as a musician he has enjoyed playing keyboards for many well-known artistes including Cliff Richard and has also arranged, programmed and produced all of the music that is used at Destiny. The daily 'Moment With Mike & Lois' motivational thought presented with Lois is watched by people all across the world. Mike's messages are watched around the world in particular Pakistan where over 10,000 people have come to faith in the last year or so as a direct result of Mike's teaching. His self-published debut book entitled "How to be God's who by knowing God's what, where, when and why" is a book on vision and has helped many to find their purpose in life. He and Lois love design which has proved useful as they have designed and are renovating their 1960's house into a cool contemporary pad! He also loves cars, plays golf (not that well!) and like Lois loves sushi!


Mike & Lois were born and raised in Weston-super-Mare in the South West of England where they still live and have a daughter called Gemma and son-in-law-in-waiting Simon!

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